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Hello, and welcome to my personal and political Web site!

Find relevant and accurate personal and professional information on me as Judge of the 506th Judicial District Court of Texas. I am currently serving my first elected term of office for the district, which includes Waller and Grimes counties, and it is my honor to serve in this capacity.

It has been said that integrity and honor are the two most important traits to be found in a judge, and I completely agree. Everything else that a judge does flows from integrity and honor. Without either there can be neither justice nor fairness.

I have spent my life developing the leadership skills, the technical knowledge, the experience and the character necessary to be the kind of judge our country needs, and that I believe we all want. This site tells my story and I invite you to explore my professional and personal history. After reflection, I trust you will find that I am well-qualified to serve as the judge of your state district court.

I appreciate the great support I continue to receive in both of these historic counties.

Click on the pages listed in the left-hand column to learn more about me.

Talk to people who know me; talk to lawyers who have worked with me; talk to those who have appeared in my court; talk to my former clients.  The people who know me will speak more loudly than anything I can say for myself.

Again, thanks for visiting this site. Your comments — and questions — are always welcome.

Albert M. McCaig, Jr.
Judge, 506th Judicial District Court


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